Will your classes be suitable for me?

The nature of Yoga is one of compassion and harmony, not competition with others, or yourself.  A friendly approach is adopted to the body, so the practice is appropriate for the individual.  In this way, Yoga is for everyone, regardless of their starting point.  

Those completely new to Yoga are welcome to my classes.

I teach a staged approach, which means that the practices are accessible for every body.

Once I have received your completed health questionnaire, I can discuss with you any individual health requirements you might have, so that I can support you throughout class.  

I’m pregnant, can I come to one of your classes?

If you are in week 16 to 33 of pregnancy, have an established yoga practice (e.g. at least a year before pregnancy) and have been given the ok from a health professional, you are welcome to attend any of the sessions on my current class schedule. Before booking, please contact me here to arrange a call so that we can discuss your individual needs further.

What equipment do I need?

A Yoga mat and any Yoga props you have, e.g. bricks, blocks, belt.  (An old tie or dressing gown tie makes a good substitute for a belt and the right size book/s and/or Tupperware containers can double as bricks and blocks if needed).  

A blanket is a really useful aid for some of the practices.  It is also often used during relaxation at the end of practice.

You may wish to have a bottle of water with you for class, but be mindful to only take small sips during the session, as some of our practices may feel uncomfortable with a full stomach of water.

For online sessions, it may also be helpful for you to have a kitchen style chair and a cushion or two within easy reaching distance of your practice space.

How can I get the most from my practice?

Whether your session is online or face to face, please arrive slightly early so that you are settled on your mat ready for the practice starting time.  

Wear comfortable clothing which allows you to move freely.  Remove any particularly dangling jewellery.  Yoga is practiced in bare feet, so please be ready to remove your socks.  The exception is during relaxation practice when you may wish to have your socks on for warmth.

Please switch mobile phones to do not disturb or airplane mode for the duration of the practice to enable your and others’ practice to be undisturbed. For online sessions, please ensure that any other applications on the device you are using to log-in with are closed to avoid any disturbances from notifications etc.

What is it like to practice Yoga with you online?

Expect the same style of practice as face to face teaching, live and online via Zoom.  Many students find the Zoom room a wonderful way to practice without travel and/or to complement face to face sessions.

It is advisable to avoid a heavy meal within four hours of the start of your session, or a light meal within two hours.

‘I find I still ache the next day, so am still working as hard as a face to face class! They also lessen my stress by having some time out.’ – Rebecca

‘Compared to my previous experience of face to face yoga, I felt like I could better occupy my own space.’ – George

If you are new to practicing Yoga online or would like help to feel comfortable using Zoom, please contact me and we can arrange a short free Zoom meeting. We can check your set-up and ensure you are able to get the most out of your practice with me.  You may also find the below guidance helpful.

BWY guidance for students: Maximising the experience of a remote yoga session